Thursday, December 3, 2015

ADVENT CALENDAR Day 3 - Win an Annotated copy of EVERY UGLY WORD!

Open the best reader present ever this year--an annotated copy of EVERY UGLY WORD! That's right -- I've gone through the whole book, writing notes, insights, silly stories, and stuff that I wasn't able to include. It was a lot of fun!

There's only three of these in existence, and I'm giving one away now! So don't miss out!

This is another competition which will remain open until Christmas Eve -- so don't forget to keep coming back for more entries each day!


  1. I'd love to know what inspired them to write the book.

    1. I have an author note in Every Ugly Word that covers that -- And I'll be answering this question re Dark Touch in the coming week, keep an eye on the Advent Calendar posts!

  2. How long does a book usually take to finish? Are the characters based off someone you know?

  3. If conversations or tidbits were overheard from random people, how names were picked, why a theme was important to write about, were the snacks characters eat happen to be author was eating. This is beyond a cool giveaway!

  4. This is an exciting offer. I'm curious what you left out of your book and why - and to follow your thinking. Thanks.

  5. MUSIC! Knowing what kind of music the author listened to while writing the book OR songs that remind the author of the characters/scenes. That gives a story even more depth to me!

  6. I agree with Jennifer, I would LOVE playlists from authors' writing sprees/musical inspirations for certain scenes (because I'm totally sure a lot of authors write specific scenes with very specific songs!)

    I'd also love to have character motivations/quirks we might not see in the book. For instance... Say an author bases a character off the short kid in fifth grade who ALWAYS wore cat ears and a cape to school (and got in trouble more than once for trying to climb the walls). I want those types of stories. That would be awesome.

  7. I wish authors would share their inspirations (other books, a song, etc.), what gave them their story idea, pictures they used (or maybe a link to their Pinterest board if applicable), soundtracks, deleted scenes, how certain things were decided, etc. just like everything about the book. :)