Tuesday, December 8, 2015

ADVENT CALENDAR Day 8 - You Don't Know Jack! WIN Dark Touch!

Wow, what a week. yesterday I handed in final major edits for Dark Touch, which has got me thinking about all the little details and fun parts of building a character's life. So today we're playing You Don't Know Jack -- the trivia game where you can't possibly know the answers!

Don't worry, it's easy :) There are three questions below. Comment with your three chosen answers and go into the draw for an advance e-book of Dark Touch! You can also gain extra entries by clicking "Going" on the Facebook Event, and for every friend you invite who does the same here.

Question 1: What is Tully's favorite subject at school? 

A - Art
B - English
C - Woodwork
D - Economics

Question 2: Tully has two tattoos. What are they?

A - Two broken wings
B - Skull and DO NOT CROSS tape
C - Snoopy and Charlie Brown
D - Chinese symbols for Freedom and Strength

Question 3: What is the name of Tully's truck?

A - Gavin
B - Chuck
C - Oscar
D - Nigel

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