Friday, October 1, 2010

This Hook Line Won't Sink Me

A big THANK YOU to everyone who's been kind enough to offer comment on previous drafts (which can be viewed here).  Your advice and thoughts have resulted in this new attempt... any feedback welcomed!

V 1.2

Branded 'schizophrenic', seventeen-year-old Dani is about to learn her delusions are actually second sight. She’s the prophesised Seer, anticipated since Creation.  The guys pursuing her know she’s destined to lead the world – and the people they answer to expect her allegiance.  Or else.

Ultimately, Dani must choose between truth and power – when either could mean death for herself, or the man she loves.


  1. That's a great jacket blurb! Creating those is my weakness. Yours sounds like a book I'd actually pick up!

  2. I'd not change supernatural armies to "guys." The editor will want to know that this is that kind of book. You should also state the genre and title in your hook right at the very beginning: "GOOD MONSTERS is an urban fantasy thriller for the Young Adult market. The novel is about Dani, a 17-year-old woman who has been branded a 'schizophrenic' but discovers her delusions are actually second sight. She is the prophesied Seer, ..."

    --David Rozansky
    Publisher, Flying Pen Press