Saturday, October 23, 2010

Choose Your Words Carefully - YOUR QUERY HERE

Get Involved and Tell Your Friends

SPREAD THE WORD:  While I'm working on collecting more information from the Wonderfully Pubbed (or WP's as I like to call them), I'm going to offer a chance for YOU to put your draft submission materials (hooks, queries or single-page synopsis if you're really keen) on the site for feedback.

It's Not As Scary As it Sounds

Check out the feedback I got on my first query draft, and my second draft.  I also got people to help with feedback on my 'hook' first draft and subsequent drafts.

I found the process really helpful - not to mention successful... but more on that soon.

Even if you aren't finished your book, you can start thinking about a good query - the longer you have to redraft, the better!  So let's take what we've learned from the Winning Queries Series and put it into action.

And don't forget to come back and offer feedback on other's letters.  Fresh eyes are a valuable tool.

Keen?  Comment here or email me at with the material you'd like to have reviewed.

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