Friday, September 28, 2012

Today I'm Guest Posting at Rachelle Gardner's Blog!

What do you think about the  "Us vs. Them" attitudes from writers in both traditional and independent publishing? I say, enough! Time to realize we're all on the same team...

Join the conversation here.


  1. Awesome post, it echoes one of my sentiments, I must admit. I just shifted my review blog to offer reviews first to indie authors because so many people don't accept them but is not because I'm against traditional publishing, it is because I want to offer opportunities to authors lacking them.

    Great article.

  2. I loved your post. There will always be differences of opinion, and each of us needs to find what works best for ourselves, and allow other people their own space, as often there are good reasons for and against each viewpoint--we are all part of this great, big, wonderful place that is the world (The Bible, Romans chapter 14 comes to mind!)

  3. Small world! Yesterday I wrote a blog referencing your guest post, and then when I clicked through to your site I saw that we're both repped by TCA! :) Excellent post, by the way.

  4. Great post Aimee - Rachelle Gardner knew what she was doing asking you to guest blog. I'm all for writing any way we can and treating others the way we would like to be treated. Glad to see it resonated with a lot of people.

    By the way I saw a troll comment on another blog this week. The author responded very graciously - and the very next comment was another reader who prescribed "3 squirts of troll-be-gone", and offered positive encouragement. There are still goodies out there!