Sunday, September 9, 2012

THANK YOU! Here's a Deal For You

There are still a couple normal-rate critique spots open before Christmas, but they're closing fast. Email me asap if you want one. 
Thanks again for your support, guys!

Remember last week's pity-party I threw? Thank you all so much for your support!

I received encouraging texts, emails, and comments on this blog - not to mention some awesome inspirational quotes and online resources. Thanks, everyone! You made me realize how much of a community we're building here. It really lifted my heart and touched me. Not joking. Thank you!


As it turns out things are looking up on the writing front. But I'm still a couple weeks away from discussing details. So in the meantime, I'm feeling perky and motivated and raring to go. (Insert: *cheering*).

It so happens this coincides with some space on my upcoming critique calendar. So, while I don't usually believe in discounting, I've decided to try and use some of my excess energy to kill two birds with one stone:

If you book a Read and Respond critique before the end of September, I'll give you a cheap price and a five day turnaround!**

That means within five days you'll get a full manuscript (or manuscript portion) read-through with a substantial summary report offering thoughts on everything from what parts of your book work and which don't, advice on character development, plot points, and pacing. Notes on the technical writing and examples / techniques for self-editing, reader-responses (i.e. which parts of the book felt satisfying as a reader, and which didn't), and more! Your detailed summary report will be a guide-book for revisions, and offer any advice or expertise I have to help you move your manuscript to the next level (or progress your manuscript if you prefer to send an unfinished portion).

Note: The critique does not include notes in text or a chapter-by-chapter reader response, however chapter references will be made in the summary notes if needed.

** Critiques will be booked at a first come, first served basis, beginning in the last week of September. Payment must be made in full before the five-day time-slot you booked, otherwise your space will be given to someone else.

10,000-50,000 words = $65
50,001-65,000 words = $75
65,001-80,000 words = $85
80,001-100,000 words = $95

23-28 September  Now booked, sorry!
30 September - 5 October  Now booked, sorry!
7-12 October  Now booked, sorry!
14-19 October Now booked, sorry!
21-26 October  Now booked, sorry!
28 October-2 November Now booked, sorry!

(After this my schedule is already booked, so the discounted packages will end).

If you want some help moving your book along, email me on aimeelsalter (at) for a quote and to book your time. If you're not sure, see these previous critiques for a sample of the kind of analysis you'll get (note, it's the summary / overview notes that apply to a read and respond critique).

Thanks again for all your support, guys. It really meant a lot to me. Stay tuned for more updates on my personal journey in a couple weeks!

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  1. Ooooooh. I can't wait to hear more about your exciting writing news. *does a happy dance in anticipation*