Saturday, September 22, 2012

Show Other Writers Your Best Blog Content

Hey guys, I'm really excited about this blog-hop Katherine is running over at Beyond The Hourglass Bridge.

All you have to do is decide which of your blog posts contains your best content and enter it in the linky list! That's it! And then you can scan the list for other great writer blogs - and only follow the ones that catch your interest.

I think this is a fun idea - and a great way to spotlight your best work.

I'm in. Are you?


  1. Wahoo, thanks for joining in! That's right everyone, come say hi and grow yourself some loyal followers by putting your best e-foot forward. :P

  2. What a cool idea. If our Internet decides to start working again, I'll definitely participate.

  3. already bookmarked those plot development tips :) I always find such insights give a good push

  4. Hopping over through the blog hop:) So nice to meet you.

    I'm a new follower:)

    Thanks for the plot development tips. They will come in handy:)