Monday, September 3, 2012

The Meh Factor & YOUR Writing

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you write a scene and you think "THAT was AWESOME!" *Happy Dance*.

Then you read it a month later and decide it's utter... meh?

Or what about the scene you just.Can't.Write. You push through, teeth bared, to keep yourself moving. You avoid it on re-reads because you're certain is just so much refuse. But when the time comes that you can't avoid it anymore you discover, actually, it ain't half bad? Not nearly as meh as you thought?

I've heard these kinds of stories from every writer I know. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. But then I read this facebook status update from NYT Bestselling author Lauren Destefano.
 And even though I wanted to hug the 2009 Lauren and tell her how awesome she was, I'm even more encouraged to know that there was a time she felt this way. Because I admire what she's achieved since then. And maybe, just maybe, my meh will get there too...

Your Turn: What have you seen or read that's encouraged you to keep going in pursuit of publication?


  1. Great post! I have definitely felt like that in my writings. I can't point out one specifically, but connections with other writers have helped me get through the "meh" points as well, since everyone has these moments! =)

  2. Well, it's more a case of what I've seen that convinces me that my work sucks. Fortunately it wasn't my writing but my cute, 'whimsical' as some reviewer put it, chapter illustrations. I am not a great artist. I'm not going to make a living at it. I don't plan to. But I liked my drawings until I saw the illustrations in a book by a well known published children's book author.
    Oh what the heck, they're my illustrations and they have a naive quality about them that I'm sure my readers like. So there!

  3. Hi, Aimmee! Just stopping by from GUTGAA. I reread Stephen King's On Writing regularly. I also reread The Seven Steps on the Writer's Path to reassure myself that all writers experience the same things.

  4. Oh yes, those meh moments. I know them well. Re-reading emails from people who've loved my writing (and aren't close friends or family) helps me get through those moments. :-)

  5. I definitely get those meh moments :) I love following Lauren's blog because her writing journey has been incredible and she is very honest about it.

  6. We writerly types are sensitive souls. I struggle with the 'mehs' frequently and I find the best remedy is to talk about it with your support crew - the ones who walk the long road with you.

  7. It's always interesting going through this writing process. But it certainly makes it easier hearing stories like Lauren's where we're reminded even those who have the success we're working toward had their difficult days too. But I really do think the difficulties we struggle through make our successes all the more sweet.