Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My New Blog-Love

Ever get blog-envy?

You know, you run across a blog and love it so much you spend the whole time thinking "I wish I said that".  You find yourself scrolling through pages and pages of posts (I'll just read one more... Um, just one more... Does that link say SERIES!?).  Then, when you're totally replete and your brain has been half-transplanted so you're living in the blogger's head, you walk away from the laptop wishing you were that person? 


Just me on that one?

Well, that happened to me in the past few days.

The worse part is - she's half my age.  Literally.

Here's the cool part though - I didn't know that when I started reading her blog.  Sister writes like a peer of mine.  It wasn't until I read her most recent post (an in depth look at *ahem* 'mature' male characters in YA fiction) in which she noted she is the YA audience, that I found out she's still in high school.

(INSERT: "Wait, WHAT?!" here)

If her profile is to be believed, at just sixteen years old this chick has developed the voice, intellect and amusingly snide pretentiousness I can only aspire to.  She understands writing, her audience, and her goals.  Oh, and she's completely full of her own artistic glamour.  (Go girl).

If you're smart, you'll check out http://nindogs.blogspot.com/ and get on the bandwagon.  This chick's going places.

Oh, and she's funny too.  In that cooly-yet-completely-up-her-own-nether-regions kind of way.  Stop by and check her out.  And tell her I sent you: I'm angling to head up the fan club.

What's your favorite blog?  Link it in the comments!


  1. I adore Nina's blog, too! For a sixteen year old, she is beyond talented. Don't let age get to you though, you're talented yourself. :)

    I love Shallee McArthur's blog, I went back and read a lot of her advice from previous posts.

  2. She's awesome indeed :) I understand your blog envy, I share it. LOL.

    You're so bloody amazing.

    That is all.

  4. I don't even read erotica, and Roni Loren is my favorite person to get advice from:


  5. Doh, she's one of the blogs on my list and I'll be darned if I get over that way much. Not on purpose, I just usually get swallowed up in things. Definitely going to have to make sure to get over her way, now that it comes so highly recommended!

  6. Now I must check this blog out ;)

  7. Lol a sure sign of old-ness to be able to say someone is half your age and notbe talking about a toddler;) I'll check it out, since you keep me in stitches on twitter, if you think she's funny- I believe it!!!