Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This is Bigger than a Book - Help #StoptheHate on 8/8!

By now you probably know that I wrote Every Ugly Word based on my own experiences being bullied in high school. It makes this book incredible personal to me, but also means the issues of bullying, and self-value are very important to me.
With that in mind, I wrote an essay called Hate Breeds. It tells the story of one of my worst days being bullied - and how I had turned into my own worst nightmare. Because the reality is, when we get hated on, we often turn that anger and hurt into hate of our own. And that doesn't help anyone.
So, my publisher is doing some amazing stuff this week, and with the help of some pretty cool friends, on Friday (8/8) we're launching #StopTheHate.
If you've ever been bullied, intimidated, or just plain frustrated by watching someone else get hurt, this is your chance to add your voice to the conversation.
On Friday 8/8 we're going all-out, all over twitter, all over facebook, all over anywhere you want to be. If you follow this link, you'll find my essay, but also a ton of images that you can link and share with the world in whatever format works for you. Choose the one that speaks to yours story and share it.
Or, even better, actually share your #stopthehate story. Use your blog or your facebook page, use an image that resonates for you. Use your story to stop the hate. Tell the world what you've seen or experienced, and ask everyone to change how they view both the hate from others, and the hate we press on ourselves.
Because in the end, no one is more effective at hurting us, than we are.
On Friday, 8/8, help stop the hate! Join all of us who are standing up:

There is UGLY in EVERYONE. Your "UGLY" doesn't give ANYONE permission to bully you.   
You don't have to be outwardly beautiful to deserve respect.   
Find a safe place to be yourself. That's where you belong.    
Because I've experienced (???), today I want to help #StoptheHate. 
Write a story about a time you've experienced hate, and link me on twitter, or tag me on facebook. I'll promo it for you! Just be sure to include #stopthehate, and one of the images from this site:   


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