Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Win BREAKABLE (and more)

To win a signed paperback of Breakable, comment on this post and / or any of the posts linked below. Each comment is an entry. Winner announced next week!
Or you can buy Breakable as a paperback, for Kindle, or for Nook!

Before you ask, yesterday was *soprano voice* Awwww-Suuuuum. The cliff notes can be found here.

*Returns self to dignified posture*

Well, it's been kind of a weird few days, what with having the flu and releasing a book, and all that. But we aren't finished! Over the next ten days I'll be offering up more chances to win and more appearances here at Living the Write Life - did you see that? See how I just dropped that in there? Huh? Yeah.... (Check out the new blog title if you haven't already).

And, if you're still mulling over the idea of buying a copy, there's some more reviews and interviews up today:

And I've found generous shout-out posts from Heather and Kate!

Anything else? I'm not sure. If you think of something, ask me in the comments! (You'll be entered for the competition then, too).

Your Turn: Comment to win! And check back later next week to find out if you're the winner!


  1. What a pain that you've been sick during your release. Frustration much?!

    Hope it's all going well. I've been studiously avoiding any reviews as I don't want my judgement to be skewed by anyone else's opinion when I read it. :-)

  2. still reading - don't spoiler alert the ending!!!

  3. *sighs* Apparently, my usual websellers don't have a copy (I guess it's understandable, what with the book being self-published). Since 1) I'm in Italy and 2) I don't have a credit card (which rules out Amazon purchases), what can I do in order to read Breakable? Hopefully win it LOL.

    And BTW - break a leg! :)

    1. Thanks, Roberta! do you have any kind of e-reader? Or do you need a paperback copy?

    2. If I should win, I'd need a paperback copy...I know it's a bother, but I am old fashioned that way ;). It doesn't even feel like reading to me if it's not a physical book. Though I have occasionally read a PDF copy for review purposes...but I struggled with it.