Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HELP! Every Writer's Nightmare

Today I lost my laptop for at least six weeks. Please join me in a
moment of silence, to mourn the loss of my creative fountain...

Okay, so this is my first attempt (a dress rehearsal, if you will) of
blogging via email. Did it work? Do I look okay in this? Have I grown
a third nose? Your comments regarding the viability / noticeability of
posting this way (especially any that can make me smile through the
tears) are most welcome.

Help me, friends. I need to remember there are more beautiful things
on the face of this earth than the rapidly-filling page in my MS Word



  1. OH NO!!!!!!!

    It came through great! Nothing out of the ordinary.

    There ARE more beautiful things than rapidly filling the pages in your MS Word doc. Like printing up the backup and going over it for edits and notes! :D :D :D :D :D

    (What? That's totally what I would do--and have done.)

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry! Yes, the post came through beautifully.

    This could also be an opportunity to write longhand. Or read some awesome books. Or taking a bubble bath and eating a lot of chocolate. *nods*

  3. Both excellent suggestions which I will employ with impunity. Thank you, ladies!

  4. I feel you! I'm nearing the end of week four of no computer, and I have to say you're already ahead of the game. Blogging from email??? I've been trying to do everything on my Kindle Fire. Its good for many things, but blogging is NOT one of them.

    Good luck surviving. I'm off to find my notebook and scribble down another scene. :) Hope I can read them well enough later to type up. *sigh*<--notebooks worked for the first two weeks, but it's been spotty this last two. I'm afraid I'm going to lose all my new wip fire by the time I get my computer back.

    My suggestion? Borrow one from someone!

  5. Your post made it fine! God, no laptop. That's scary. My kids recently figured out that my MacBook is more important to me than they are (Well, not really. Although sometimes.)

  6. Charity - I'm working on a Kindle Fire too. I'm pretty impressed with what it can do... but it isn't my laptop. I will see if there's one floating around out there for me, ha!

    Melissa - My son hasn't realized he has an electronic sibling. Yet.

  7. There aren't many things worse than losing your computer for that amount of time. Do you have a copy of your draft you could edit longhand? Then when you get the laptop back you could input all the changes. Taking a reading break is a great idea too.

    The post came through just fine, so don't worry about that. I hope you find ways to enjoy this little break.

  8. *checks* No third nose!

    Six weeks! How much does that suck? I'm with Nancy - edit longhand. I already do that for most of my editing, and you'll find you pick up on things you'd never see on a screen.