Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Crisis of Confidence

You know what I'm talking about...
It's the day when you look at another author's achievement, or your
recent rejection, or... well, just anything really, and you're certain
you'll absolutely, positively NEVER be a success. Never get that
contract, or achieve those sales, or make that list. It's the day the
dark monster of doubt clamps himself on your back and sinks his teeth
into your resolve.

It can be a really lonely experience if you don't have some solid
writer friends around you. With the best of intentions, non-Writers -
we'll call them "Wuggles" - can, with the best of intentions, add to
your sense of failure, or fear of obscurity.

So today all I want to tell you is that you aren't alone. I wrestled
the doubt demon for hours this morning. But, thank the lord, I was
armed with all those quotes, anecdotes, and "advice to writers" blots
I've read. I realized that when you boil it all down, they all say one

The only difference between failure and success is perserverence. Keep
writing. Keep learning. Most important, keep trying.

One day your dreams will come true. And hopefully, so will mine.


  1. Very well said. Even when your book finally makes its debut, the doubt demons haunt you. Letting that baby go and watching it makes its way into the great beyond is a very scary feeling. Encouragement from friends and family always help. Wishing you all the best. You will succeed.

  2. Definitely...Too often the wuggles in my life say something out of ignorance that can set me off and momentarily paralyze my writing. I just have to remember they aren't living and breathing this industry and have no idea that what they say hurts. Then I pick up the pen again :)