Monday, February 28, 2011

Erin MacPherson - Author #2

Erin MacPherson is a debut author represented by the ever-popular Rachelle Gardner.  Erin lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two (soon to be three!) children.  Her new book "The Christian Mama's Guide to Having a Baby" is released TODAY (March 1st)!  Hot off the presses, it's available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Family Christian Stores, Books-a-Millian, and Christian Book Distributers.

Regarding my question, "What I wish I'd known before I signed a publishing contract..." Erin says: 

That's easy: EVERYTHING.

I entered the whole publishing process completely naive about what to do, how to act and what to expect. It's a wonder my agent and editor didn't send me packing after five minutes--but they didn't. They patiently answered my questions, responded to emails, coached me a long and supported me as I learned and grew.

I think that's the thing that surprised me most about the publishing process: How nice and approachable everyone was. Before I started on this journey, I looked at the players in the publishing world as "untouchables"-- people with so much clout and influence that I couldn't dare approach them for anything. Instead, I found just the opposite. Every single person I encountered-- from my agent to my editor to the marketing director at my publishing house to be real, honest, open, supportive and kind people who truly wanted me to succeed. They feel like my teammates now.

I honestly expected to be dealing with a red-pen weilding editor who scrutinized every word I wrote, nit-picking every detail and slashing my work to pieces. Once I finished my manuscript, I was so terrified to start the editing process that it took me two days to press send and actually send it to my publisher. Then I spent four nervewracking weeks waiting for the red ink to flow. But it never did. I'm not saying my editor didn't make corrections in my book or have major changes for me-- she did-- but simply that the process was so much more positive than I expected. It was more like a team editing effort. She made suggestions. I made suggestions. And we worked together to make sure my book was the best that it could be.

So, the takeaway? Relax. And realize that your editor and agent and publisher want you to succeed. They are on your team. So work with them. And have fun while you're doing it.

If you want to hear more from Erin, check out her blog at or pick up her book at any good bookstores!

Thanks for stopping by Erin, and best of luck with the release - your first book of many I'm sure.


  1. Great interview and I LOVE the cover of the book. How cute is that :)

  2. Yes, the cover is adorable.

    Erin's obviously done an amazing job - the book is getting some great reviews on Amazon already. (Check out the link from the book's title in the first paragraph).

  3. Awesome interview! I'm glad the experience was a positive one for you!

  4. Hehe, cool interview! I'm still waiting for the right idea, but when I go into querying, I'll have to remember that everyone is out there to only help me. :D

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