Sunday, January 30, 2011

Teen Debates, Self Editing Tips & Published Author Insights - Oh My!

I'm excited!

This week I'm kicking off the responses to last weeks post regarding the influences (good and bad) on young readers of YA Fiction like the Twilight Saga books.  (Strap in folks, we got us some doozies!)

Next week I'm returning with some more Self Editing Tips to help us all tighten, polish and sparkle for 2011.

Then (Drum roll please!) we'll start our first series for 2011: Published authors will respond to "What I wish I'd known before I signed a publishing contract..."

Stay tuned (and feel free to tell your friends),



  1. Sounds GREAT! I cnan't wait to read some of the stuff you have planned!

  2. Thanks - I'm looking forward to it too.