Sunday, December 6, 2015

ADVENT CALENDAR Day 6 - Look What's Coming!

I'm taking the day off to wander DEEP into the writing cave, but wanted to show you all the wonderful things you can expect in the Advent Calendar this coming week. But don't forget, entries are still open for the annotated copy of Every Ugly Word (drawn Christmas Eve), and the advance copy of Dark Touch (drawn Christmas day)!

As for the upcoming week, check this out:

- There will be more giveaways from me in the form of Swag you can wear (and another book).

- Two (count 'em, TWO) of my author friends are stopping by and will give away their amazing books!

- You'll get to share in another of my favorite things: Mail. (Just think on that for a sec).

- I'll be Vlogging on the number one question I get asked: The inspiration for my books (specifically Dark Touch)

- We'll play a trivia game you literally CAN'T already know the answers to (won't that be fun?)

- And MORE!

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