Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Chance to Get Your Query Critiqued and A CELEBRATION!

First things first: You have until midnight tomorrow (Tuesday, May 1st) to get your draft query in for submission to the site. So far I have five that I think are worth putting up for review. I'll take as many as five more.

Just send your draft query to me via email at aimeelsalter (at) Put "Draft Query" and the title of your book in the subject line. Try to remember to leave personal information blank (but I'll take it out for you if you don't).

Now for the fun part:

You guys hit 500 strong over the weekend.

*Throws confetti*

Because I think you're awesome for sticking around, I'm going to give one of those 500 someones a prize. It will be drawn randomly from all the people following So if you aren't a follower, click the "Join this Site" button over on the right hand menu now!

Then tell me: Which prize would you want? (Answer this question to improve your chances of winning the prize you actually want).

That's all for today. Come back later this week to help the first Queryer with their draft letter! (And thanks again for following, guys. Really).



  1. Congrats for reaching 500 too!

    So many good choices for prizes. However, I think I'm more in need of a writer-related one, so...