Monday, April 30, 2012

The Best Three Minutes You'll Ever Spend Learning About Writing

Have you floundered your way through a first draft? Shuffled through critiques? Flailed in distress at all the work you had to do? Have you reached such limits of despair your limbs spasmed with fatigue?

It's important for you to know: You are not alone. These people know how you feel.

I think we can agree, the takeaway here is that no matter how sad your skirt, no matter how gender-confusing your haircut, no matter how many surgeries you had to remove the polyester burns -- one day your moment in the spotlight will arrive.

Make sure you don't wish it hadn't.

Your Turn: Do you know the Awkward Turtle? Do you use it? Then join me in 'turtling' that couple who hump across the stage together in the middle of this fiasco. TOMORROW: David Hasselhoff's master class in being... well, you decide:

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