Saturday, April 9, 2016

VEGAS BABY! Are you coming?

Join me for two events in Las Vegas on Thursday, April 14th:

I'm appearing at the RT Booklovers Convention for the You're Never Too Old for YA panel at 11:15am. Come and join my table, we'll have a blast!

And that evening, from 7:00-8:00pm, I'm part of this awesome romantic author reading and signing event at The Writer's Block, 1020 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, 89101

Be there, or miss out on being photobombed by me. Your loss...


  1. Aimee, Look forward to meeting you in Vegas! Will stop by your session. See you there :-) Liz

    1. It was so great to see you, Liz! Thanks for hunting me down :) Hope the rest of your convention was a blast. Mine was fabulous :)

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  3. I heard about this RT Booklovers Convention and really wanted to attend it but couldn’t make it. Had to attend some important corporate events Chicago that day. However, read all event details posted online. Truly, it was a fantastic event.