Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Apologies to You Dear Reader (AKA: Shame On You Google!)

Okay, so I just discovered that earlier this year, when I listened to Google about all their wonderful and enabled Google+ comments on my blog, it stopped any of you without a Google+ account commenting! It also changed the structure of my blog post appearance so you couldn't see if there were comments already made.

I'm sorry. Seriously. I wondered what happened and why everyone stopped talking. Turned out it was my fault!

Needless to say, I'm fairly livid at Google right now (who sent me all kinds of email and promotional material about how beneficial it would be to change my comments to Google+).

Well, I have learned my lesson, and I've re-enabled the old, default comments that let anyone who cares to have a say, do so.

Please accept my humblest apologies for Gate Keeping you up to this point.

And please...tell me what you think! There's lots of stuff happening in my publishing journey over the next couple months. I'd LOVE your input and advice.

Happy reading (and commenting!)


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