Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An Announcement and a Resource For You

If you've been following me for a long time, you'll know that for the early years I was a fierce proponent of sticking out the journey to traditional publication. For a while I was even convinced that the self publishing model didn't work. *blushes*
I back-pedaled on that stance quite some time ago. But still never felt sure enough of myself or my resources to pursue self-publishing. Now...? Now I suddenly find myself in a position of turning to face my greatest fear:
I'm going to self-publish.
Yes, you read that right. Yes, you've also read articles on here in the past suggesting that's not the wisest course. And no, I haven't suddenly become a sufferagette for independent publishing. But I have decided that my time has come. And that I can't ignore some of the awesome opportunities I'm being presented.
I take this step with the professional support of several people who are incredibly talented. Most of them have offered their services because they are amazing and they love me (or my book!).
So while I may not believe this is necessarily the best course for every writer, I am obviously going to be taking a lot of my former research, and a great deal of NEW research and putting it into practice in the coming weeks.
By November this year, I will have a book on many of the most popular digital shelves. (Whether it's also available in print or not, I have yet to decide). But a lot is going to happen between now and then. And it seems to me that you've been with me from the beginning, so you should get to share in that learning curve.
So, dear reader, as I walk (sprint, hobble, tremble) my way down this road, what would be of most value to you?
- Notes on the critique / editing process?
- Observations on the digital formatting options?
- How to get / buy / choose a cover?
- Something else?
- All of the above?
My experience, success, or otherwise is an open book. (No pun intended). Let me know which parts you'd like to read.
And pray (if you do that kind of thing), or wish me luck (if you don't). This is going to be quite the ride!
Your Turn: Which parts of the self publishing process are of most interest to you? What kinds of posts would you like to read in the coming weeks / months?

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