Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hallelujah for a Voice of Reason!

I love Bob Mayer's blog because he's been on both sides of the publishing coin, and successful in both business models. He's got a unique perspective because he doesn't RANT about traditional publishing, merely analyzes what he thought he could do better. He started his own independent publisher and is doing very well. (VERY well, by all accounts).

But is he all up in his own nether-regions? No.

I wrote a post about this a while ago, but Bob's done it better because he's got a fuller history. And now he's made a call to arms for writes to stop slagging each other, regardless of which publishing model they're pursuing.

Read it. No matter which side of the coin you're on, his wisdom applies:

Bob Mayer's Voice of Reason (Warning: includes occasional use of *language* as examples).

Then come back here and tell me what you think because, frankly, isn't it better for us all to help each other, advise each other, raise points for consideration thoughtfully, than to just run each other into the proverbial?

Your Turn: Which side of the publishing coin are you aiming for, and why? (Let's not focus on what others are doing wrong, but on what you believe you're doing right, okay?)


  1. I agree it's not helpful to criticise other writers because they're doing things in a different way or have different aims. We don't all write the same things in the same way for the same people, so it's not so strange that different publication strategies will be wanted and needed.

    I'm currently trying to get published the traditional way. That feels right for me and my writing.

  2. Going traditional. It's better to have a team in hand, for me. And it also good to have an editor that will be on my side.

  3. I'm going to try for traditional, but I'm not adverse to self-publishing either. It depends on what I think I can do with it :)

  4. It's interesting you guys are all on the traditional route (for now, anyway). I am too. But I'm curious what spurs other people in that direction.

    I know why I want to do it. What are your motivators?

  5. I went the indie route. I did it for several reasons, but ultimately, it was control. The world is changing and traditional publishing doesn't seem to want to keep up yet.

    But the bashing has gotten stale - like two teenage boys fighting over the same girl. It's over-inflated egos drilling at one another. Yuk.

    I've always been a fan of doing my own ting. Now there's a way for me to do that.