Thursday, September 1, 2011

When Real Life Interferes with Writing

We're going to have to take a few days off the plot series while my Real Life takes priority.  SO... over the next few days I'll be posting some funnies and some writerly vids for your viewing pleasure.  Then sometime next week we'll jump back into the plotting series with SCHEMATICS (How to keep your middle from sagging by keeping your protagonist active).

Until then, because I'm feeling a little philosophical and because this website inspired my lastest WIP, I'm going to encourage you to put some time aside over the weekend to take a look at

Be warned: It's not a light and fluffy read.  But it shares heartwrenching, insightful and globally accessible letters from authors to their teen selves.  It might make you cry, but it will definitely lift your heart.

See you soon!

Your Turn: What writer commitments do you drop or postpone when Real Life gets in the way?


  1. All of them - if the real life commitment is important enough. Which is probably why it's taken me 10 years to get to this stage with my WiP!

    Hope your 'real life' commitment isn't anything too troublesome and I look forward to the series returning soon! :-)

  2. Editing is usually the first to go, but depending on how important/time-and-attention consuming the "real life" commitment is, I may end up (temporarily) dropping all of them.

    Good luck with whatever it is that's keeping you busy!

    And off to check that link... ;-)

  3. I'm been trying to get some editing done all week, so I feel or you! Hang in there.

  4. When real life gets in the way, I usually drop whatever writing project I'm working on. Fortunately, it doesn't happen to often. Good luck with your real life stuff.

  5. When real life (aka big boy job & travel) gets in the way, the 1st casualty is blogging - 2nd is book promotion (which I despise anyway). I try to balance my time so it's a win-win 'cause I really like hangin' out with my awesome wife.

    Blogger's not bein' friendly so I'm posting as anon. Dave Ebright
    Hopefully this works. Ya gotta good blog goin' on here.

  6. This headline caught my eye as I'm struggling epically with Real Life at the moment. Two small boys (ages 4 and 5) have been my constant companions since school let out at the end of June. I'm close to giving them up for adoption. Sigh. Writing has not been put on the back burner, it's been triple wrapped in plastic and shoved in the back of the freezer. I'm despondent over it. Trying to thaw out now that school is about to start. Blessed school.

  7. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to find a balance. See you all soon.