Sunday, August 7, 2011

Five Ways to Have Fun With Those Imaginary Friends We Call "Characters"

Sometimes we can get so focused on technical brilliance or plotting or character development, writing loses some of its delight. 

Below are just a handful of things you could do for fun.  Silly things to help you remember why you love these characters, where the joy of writing comes from, or just to have a laugh:

1. Make Wii Mii's of your favorite characters and play them in tennis.

2. Use Google Images to search up physical features or hobbies (don't search on actor's names) and find your character's 'real person' doppelganger.

3. Make a fake Twitter account for your hero / heroine / villain then have a conversation with them online.

4. Write a blogpost in the character's voice, describing their most embarrassing moment.

5. Write a scene between the real you and your hero / heroine wherein the hero / heroine beats up or burns the person who jacked on you in high school. 

Your Turn: What do you do for the pure fun of being a writer?


  1. I'm guilty of the twitter accounts one! I made several character twitter accounts and spent a considerable amount of time having them argue with each other. Oops?

  2. Ack! Can you imagine having all that fun? My MC would be too much for me and perhaps the world. ;)

  3. AM Harte - Ha! Next time tweet me in: @aimeelsalter :)

    Tana - She sounds like fun!

  4. I love that! I used to be involved in a writing community where I would start out a scene with my character and other writers would bring in their characters to continue the scene and the story and have them all interact! It was a lot offun actually! Good ideas!

  5. What an awesome idea, Nicole. Can I steal it? My writer's group would enjoy that, I think!

  6. Oo I should try these. I've done character interviews for my blog with most of my main characters at one time or another. I keep meaning to role-play with them like Nicole talked about, but I just haven't had the time or found the right place.