Thursday, June 2, 2011

Elevator Pitch Hilarity

Remember that post on framing your message with humor to make it easier to swallow?

Well, this little gem I saw on Janet Reid's blog totally proves my point.  (That's a Cyberspace-Told-You-So, if you missed it).

Go ahead, watch it.  You'll laugh, you'll cringe - and you'll get some great advice on what NOT to do at your next writer's conference...


  1. This was so funny! I love the twitchy woman in the elevator.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  2. I love this! Hilarious! Thanks for posting. :)

  3. lol, so funny.

    the one at the cocktail party reminds me of my GG aunt. She just doesn't get the hint when people are backing away from her. I have seen her back someone into a corner 3 rooms away... its so funny.

    Certainly says a lot for having that pitch prepared prior doesn't it.

    great find

    sarah ketley

  4. This is so uncomfortable to watch... LoL!