Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Advertising That Isn't

First of all, AWESOMENESS!  (Some things deserve incorrect punctuation and words that don't exist):

Second: I used to work in branding.  What you've just watched is an example of viral marketing - that is, something people love so much, they don't care that it's advertising.  They send it on, tell their friends, share on their blog... *ahem*

No matter what your product, it's the single most effective form of marketing today. 

As a writer it might seem like Caving To The Man to try and come up with effective ways to market yourself or your book.  Or maybe you're afraid the cost would be unrealistic.  But here are some authors showing the rest of us how it's done... without an international telecommunication budget:


  1. Hi Aimee- I'm certainly not above using incorrect punctuation (and grammar and making up words) to bring across a point. Anyway, I love these videos. You're so right about viral marketing... now if only I could figure out how to bottle up the ideas in this post and use them to promote my book.

  2. Aww, those were so creative and awesome! except the Waldenbooks signing one. I think that one gave me hives, actually, because that's...pretty much my greatest fear. Oh, dear, the look on his face next to Mary Higgins Clark! :) Thanks for sharing these!

  3. Erin - Yes, I know the feeling. Let me know if you come up with any inspiration, I'd love to hear it.

    Elissa - That Parnell one hit me where it hurts too, but I love that he's found a way to make fun of himself in what must be a very difficult situation!