Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bringing the Backlist Back

We all know there's a lot of change in the publishing industry right now. Personally I love when I see authors stepping into the new arenas. Here are a couple who have, with the help of their literary agency, brought previously out-of-print books back into availability:

- Deborah Camp (Contemporary and Old West Historical romances)

- Dan Streib (Thrillers)

They've got the agency behind them, along with standard amazon channels, etc.
So tell me what you think - are we going to see more of these kinds of endeavors in the future? Would you go this route with any out of print (or unpublished) works? Does knowing these titles were out of print affect your interest in them?
It's a bold new world out there. What do you think about it?
See you Monday with more self-editing tips.

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