Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How I'm Going to Help You Prepare for #Pitchwars (Even if Your MS Isn't YA)

You guys. YOU GUYS. I've been invited to mentor #Pitchwars this year for YA manuscripts!

I (seriously) couldn't be more excited. The Pitch Wars community is so incredibly supportive, informative, and hilarious. I'm ecstatic to be a part of it.

Since you're already revising your manuscripts and drafting your pitch materials (Right? Right?) I want to help.

THE GOOD NEWS: In the month of May I'm going to offer 20 pitch, 10 query, and 5 first chapter critiques.

THE UH-OH NEWS: For pitch and query crits you have to be willing to have your material posted on my blog (stripped of identifiable author names/titles, of course), along with the accompanying critique, and for the first chapter crit, you need to be willing to have the first 500 words posted, along with the critique. (Again, your name/the title of your book will not be included in the post--only the category and genre, and you'll receive a critique of your full first chapter privately).

Already convinced? 

Great! Go here to sign up for early-bird email notification when I'm ready to collect entries. You'll get a note offering you a chance for a critique before I post the opportunity on the #Pitchwars boards on Twitter.

Want More Information On How This Will Work? Read On!

For the month of May, every weekday I'll post critiques here on the blog to help the chosen individuals refine their entries--and give anyone who's watching insight into how a mentor views and analyzes entries.

At the end of each critique, I'll indicate whether, if I received that entry as-is, I would request pages, or shoulder-tap mentors it's submitted to.

If you're considering me as a mentor you don't have to enter. But keep an eye on the blog. Reading these critiques will show you what I like and don't like, how I critique, and help you decide whether we might be a good fit as a Pitchwars team.

You don't have to have a YA manuscript for me to critique your work. The Pitch Wars community is incredible, and I want to give back by providing helpful feedback in the early preparation stage. There will be a lot of critiques offered in the month leading up to Pitch Wars, so this should help you be one step further down the road to a polished manuscript/pitch before the competition for those critiques ramps up!

I'm an anti-bullying advocate and have comment moderation on my entire blog. No insulting or overly-critical comments will be allowed anywhere, on any of my content. You're safe here. 

When I post your entry on the blog, it will stay there in perpetuity. But it won't have your name or title on it, and you won't have to acknowledge it as yours unless you want to.

If you have any further questions, just ask them in the comments, or use my email contact in the side-bar to reach me directly.

Otherwise, go here to enter your email address to be notified when the critiques are being offered.

See you on the #Pitchwars boards!!!


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