Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WIN a Character Named After YOU!

Hey guys! It's only FIVE DAYS until Breakable is released (excuse me while I throw up a vital organ). There's lots of fun stuff happening right now, but the best part for me is that I've been able to kick off my reader site!

That site includes a three-question "survey" on what my next project should be. So whether you want to read Breakable or not, I'd love your thoughts. The survey includes brief descriptions of three different books, each with an opportunity to tell me how much they appeal / don't appeal to you. Then you can enter your email address or twitter handle in the final textbox to enter to win a character named after you!

So, head on over to the Reader Survey on my reader website (you're welcome to poke around the site too, obviously - though if you plan on reading Breakable, beware of Spoilers).

Thanks for all your support, guys! From my end, things are going as well as they can at this point. I'm excited to share Breakable with you and the rest of the world (hopefully) on Monday.

See you on the other side!!!


  1. Awesome. I'm off to check it out! Deep breath, eh? This is going to be AWESOME.

  2. It's almost here! How exciting! I'm thrilled for you. Can't wait to share in the awesome.