Monday, August 24, 2020

NEW Book Available FREE for a Limited Time!

BRAND NEW BOOK NOW AVAILABLE FREE HERE! Yes, it's true. And it's a very long story that I don't have time to explain right now, but here's the short version:

There's a China/Singapore based publisher (kind of like Wattpad) forming relationships with English-language authors, and I got shoulder tapped. I have a brand new book (that is complete, but being released on their site.)

It’s called BOUND.

Nine months sober and determined to stay that way, seventeen-year-old Kate Wilson has just white-knuckled her way through her first day at her new school when she steps in to help a classmate she thinks is drug-addled. But Kate’s altruism puts her in the path of a new temptation—the wickedly charismatic Aiden. Not a drug dealer as she suspected, Aiden is a Shade, a modern-day sorcerer. He offers Kate a spell he calls The Binding and claims he can give her all the escape of her favorite high, yet bring her back down before curfew, with no lasting effects or consequences.

As Kate falls deep into the grip of the Binding—and Aiden himself—her life begins to unravel to the thrall of addiction for the second time. Their uptight classmate, Chase, clashes with Aiden at every turn, determined to convince Kate to walk away. But when Kate’s parent’s separate, due at least in part to the stress of dealing with Kate’s addiction, Aiden swears if Kate joins the Shades herself, the binding will get even better—and Kate will gain the ability to repair her family with the power.

But during the initiation rite led by Aiden and his mentor a woman is killed, and Kate is trapped into a spell that will kill her unless she betrays the people she loves most. Desperate—and now battling withdrawal from the binding—Kate turns to Chase. A former Shade initiate, he’s the only person to have left them and lived. But the initiation spell isn’t the only battle they face. Because Aiden’s feelings for Kate are real—and he’s already proven he’ll fight to the death to gain what he wants. 

Interested? Well, the much like Wattpad, the content goes up in stages. There's 20 chapters up already, and I'm offering 2 chapters per day until it's complete (the manuscript is finished, it just isn't all available online yet.) And, the best news, it's currently FREE to read, though it likely won't stay that way for long.

I’ll add all the details tomorrow, but wanted to give you a heads up. New book available NOW and FREE!

So if you're interested, download WebNovel on your ios or android device, or access the site online and head over here to read BOUND (or, as my non-English-As-A-First-Language speaking friends like it should be called "Both Love Me, But One is a Devil.")

I'm having a blast learning how different cultures appreciate different things in books, titles, covers, and all sorts of things. Click this link and Come join me!